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What the heck is the 5 a.m. Writer’s Club?

You may have stumbled upon the hashtag on Instagram or Twitter and wondered this, especially at the beginning of your writing journey.

Though the name is pretty self-explanatory, I wondered the same thing myself. Were people really waking up at 5 a.m. to write?

Well, yes, and there are a few reasons why. But first, let’s understand what the purpose of the club is.

Writer's Club

What is the 5 a.m. Writer’s Club?

The club is for writers who want to make time to write. They wake up at 5 a.m. on weekdays, sometimes weekends, and they write. They use the hashtag to connect with and to support other writers who are participating.

How can the club benefit you?

  • Productivity – Even if we don’t consider ourselves a “morning person”, the human brain is most productive at the beginning of the day. Night owls might disagree, but a full-time job and a family can leave us drained, and our creative juices dry.  
  • Peacefulness – Imagine beginning your day with a fresh cup of coffee and silence. Well, except maybe the sound of birds singing outside your window. But who’s complaining? 
  • Community – Go ahead and tweet that it’s your first time participating in the 5 a.m. Writer’s Club. Make sure to use the hashtag. I guarantee you’ll be overwhelmed with love and support from your fellow writers. They love that sh*t.
Writer's Club
The supportive response from a fellow 5 a.m. Writer’s Club participant.

If you still don’t think this club is for you, no worries. I have other tips on how to fit writing into your busy schedule here.

If you are interested, it won’t hurt to give it a try. Just remember to stretch, and to make yourself a cup of coffee or tea. Good luck, Writers!

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