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A Day in the Life of a Blogger and Copywriter

Working from home as a business owner ain’t easy.

While I know everyone works differently, I always loved seeing “A Day in the Life” YouTube videos or blog posts from other business owners when I was first getting started.

So that’s why today I’m sharing what a day in the life looks like for me–in hopes it’ll help you get a better idea of how to manage your time while working from home as a biz owner!

A day in the life of a blogger and copywriter

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Morning Routine

Finding a morning routine that worked for me was probably the hardest part about running a business from home… especially because I’m not a morning person!

In the beginning, I would wake up and immediately look at my phone or start working. Now, I strongly advise against that because my eyes and head would always end up hurting–making it hard for me to think clearly.

These days, I have a few things I love doing in the morning–which include reading, going outside and sitting in the sun (make sure to wear sunscreen), going on walks with my dogs, or–my favorite–cleaning my house and listening to podcasts.

Sometimes I switch my mornings up, but I love cleaning and listening to podcasts the most because I can’t work while the house is messy! Ya feel me?

If the house is a mess, I’ll usually get distracted and start cleaning when I should be working instead. I also don’t feel like cleaning at the end of the day, so mornings are perfect!

I love listening to podcasts because I get to learn something right before I begin the day, and it usually gets the wheels in my head turning, which is perfect for creative jobs like blogging and copywriting!

Check emails

The first thing I do when I start working is check emails. This way, I know right away if any clients have sent me work or if brands have reached out for collaborations.

Once I know what my workload looks like, I plan my day.

Create and schedule pins

schedule pins

I take Pinterest very seriously.

It’s an amazing way to drive traffic to your blog, website, social media, email list, affiliate links, etc.

Every morning, I get on Canva and design pins for the day and schedule them on Pinterest. To save time, I keep all my Pinterest titles, descriptions, alt text, tags, and links in a Google Doc. That way, I can just copy, paste, and move on with my day!

Every once in a while, I do more keyword research and try to change up my pin titles and descriptions so they’re more searchable. If you want to learn how to do this, check out the online course Pinterest with Ell!

Client work

client work

My client work looks different every day. I work on things like website copy, sales pages, blog posts, podcast show notes, and newsletters. You can check out my work with me page here!

I write rough drafts in a Google Doc or Grammarly. Blog posts are almost always written in Grammarly first because they’re longer, and it’s an easy way for me to edit as I go.

One thing that helped me focus on my work, in the beginning, was “Study with Me” or “Work with Me” videos on YouTube. I loved these videos because they use the Pomodoro Technique, where you work for 25 minutes then take a 5-minute break. It sounds like someone’s actually working next to you when listening to these videos, so they really help me get in the zone.

I also make sure to drink lots of water throughout the day and get up and stretch. Sometimes during my breaks in the summer, I’ll go outside and enjoy the sunny weather.



Going out and getting lunch can take forever, so I try to eat at home every day. I usually make extra food for dinner so I can save the rest for lunch the next day.

My work

a day in the life

I try to make time to work on my own business every day. It can be hard on days or weeks when I have a lot of client work, but the trick is to treat yourself like a client, too! If I need to, I give myself deadlines.

My work can look like writing a blog post, making a TikTok, writing an Instagram caption, writing a newsletter to my list, editing pictures, designing graphics, editing old blog posts on my website, and so much more.

Recently, making TikToks has become my favorite. Go follow me if you want!

I use Mailerlite to write to my email list, Canva for designing graphics, and Picart for editing pictures.

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a day in the life - walk

It’s important to be mindful of how much you sit when working from home. I hardly got up to walk in the beginning–and I ended up feeling so unhealthy because I wasn’t moving my body enough or getting out of the house.

By walking, you help take care of your body and mental health.

I try to walk around the house as much as I can. After I finish my work, I’ll go on at least a mile-long walk with my dogs. (It’s good for their body and mental health, too!)

Sometimes I’ll walk in the morning instead, especially in summer. I also might walk right after a Zoom call because Zoom calls usually make me nervous and walking helps clear my head.

Work out

After my walk, I work out. I try to work out at least four times a week.

I used to go to the gym, but that ended up taking up way more time than I thought it would. So ever since the pandemic started, I began working out at home, and I actually love it!

My goal is to eventually have a small gym at home but for now, I’m working with what I have. 🙂

Continue work

I start work early so I can finish all my work by 3 PM, but some days I might need to work a little longer.

If there are any projects I need to finish, I’ll continue working on them while I make dinner. If I’m too tired to make dinner, then I’ll ask my boyfriend to pick something up on his way home.

Personal time

If I don’t have to work late, then my personal time includes making or getting dinner, feeding the dogs and cats, running errands if I need to, and relaxing. But honestly, my favorite thing to do is to smoke, relax, munch out, and watch anime.

A day in the life of a blogger and copywriter

And now you know what a day in the life looks like for this copywriter and blogger!

Try to remember that everyone’s ideal day looks different. Some people prefer to work in coffee shops or go to the gym, and others just love to stay home as much as possible. I prefer staying home because I’m a stay-at-home dog and cat mom.

It took me a couple of years to find a schedule that worked for me, but I hope this post helped give you some ideas on how to organize your day!

Do you enjoy a day in the life posts? What do you want me to blog about next? Let me know in the comments. <3


    • Hi Rae! Yes, of course! 🙂

      And I definitely feel you there! I still have my days but this is the schedule that works best for me right now.

  • I enjoyed reading this post, Bella! This appeals to me because I want to stop compromising on the things necessary to me daily, like feeling healthy (physically and mentally) and working in a clutter-free space.

    • I feel ya! I hope this helped and that you’re able to make more time for all the things <3

  • Hey Bella,

    I have been learning how to be a copywriter over the past month and I’m working on getting my website up so I can start taking clients. I didn’t know about the YouTube “work with me” videos. Right now I have the TV on a relaxing nature sound or something similar. But I love your idea!

    Great post!

    • Hi Megan! Congratulations on becoming a copywriter! And I love using nature sounds on YouTube too 🙂 I’m happy you loved this post <3

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