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How to Handle Anxiety Before Speaking on a Live, Podcast, or Mastermind

Running an online business is every introvert’s dream…until you get asked to speak on a podcast or IG live.

Let’s be real…if you want your business to reach more people, being a guest speaker is going to have to happen at some point!

So how do you handle anxiety before guest speaking?

I recently got asked to speak on a mastermind and I happen to be the most anxious person in the world. (No joke, my face turns tomato red when I’m nervous)

That’s why I’m sharing what I did to handle anxiety before speaking on the mastermind. These tips can work for podcast interviews, IG lives, Facebook lives, and even Zoom calls!

Oh. I should also mention that the mastermind was a success, and according to the host, I killed it!

how to handle anxiety before speaking on a live, podcast, or mastermind

Talk to yourself

Say whaaaat?

Yep. I said what I said.

Take the time to talk to yourself.

You need to understand that the audience listening doesn’t want you to mess up. They’re just there to learn! Make yourself excited to share what you know with them.

Remind yourself that you’re a f*%king badass and you’ve got what it takes.

If it’s your first time speaking, know that once you get it done, it’s only going to get easier from there.

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Be prepared

The best way to handle anxiety before speaking on a live, podcast, or mastermind is to be prepared! (Sing it like Scar on the Lion King. Hey, it worked for him, right? Unfortunately…)

If you have a presentation, or you know the questions you’ll be asked, go over it again and again until you can do it in your sleep.

Also, make sure to clear out your schedule on the day you speak!

It needs to be a mental health day.



I only recently started breathwork, but so far its been the most powerful tool for calming my anxiety.

Starting your day with breathwork will make a huge difference in your life.

And the best part?

You can use breathwork for all kinds of things! Energy, trauma, confidence, anxiety…you name it! There’s a breathing exercise for it.

When you’re anxious, your breathing becomes shallow. You can influence that anxiousness simply by just changing the way you breathe.

Make sure to do breathwork at least twice on the day of your mastermind, podcast interview, or live. Once in the morning and once right before you speak.

I love doing Wim Hof breathing exercises because there’s a lot of science behind it.

If you have severe anxiety like me, take my word for it. Breathwork will change your life for the better.


Once you’re done doing your first breathing exercise in the morning, get comfortable and close your eyes.

Visualize and feel how you want your podcast, live, or mastermind to go.

Visualize the audience smiling and getting value from what you’re teaching.

Feel confident, accomplished, and freaking excited that it went so well!

That’s key to manifestation: Visualize and feel it as if it already happened. Bring it to life.

The next step to manifestation is to take aligned action, which is what you’ll do during the mastermind, live, or podcast.

Be active/Go outside

I made sure to go on a long walk outside before and after I spoke on the mastermind. I even do this when I’m just getting on a Zoom call!

My anxiety can get so bad sometimes that I’m unable to think clearly. Surrounding myself in nature, breathing in the fresh air, and moving my body always helps me think clearer.



Honestly, I couldn’t tell a huge difference when I took CBD for the first time.

But after taking it for a few months now, I have noticed an improvement in my anxiety.

CBD has become huge in the last few years, so make sure you do your research before purchasing it. There have been companies known for falsely labeling their CBD products.

Personally, I love using CBD oil. I take it at least 30 minutes before getting on a Zoom call or guest speaking.

Cold shower

While there aren’t enough studies to show that cold showers help with anxiety, they do help boost your mood!

I first learned about cold showers from Wim Hof. (The same person who teaches breathing exercises)

He refers to taking cold showers as “hardening.”

The purpose of hardening is to get your nervous system used to handling stress. According to Wim Hof and his studies, hardening will help you keep a cool head in stressful situations.

I myself hate everything about being cold, but there is one thing I hate more:


I went ahead and took a cold shower on the day of my mastermind, and I felt amazing after!

If you hate the cold like me, start the shower with warm water and keep making it cooler.

How to Handle Anxiety Before Speaking on a Live, Podcast, or Mastermind

Living with anxiety is tough.

I’m sorry that you have to go through it, but just know that you’re not alone!

Use the tips mentioned to handle anxiety and I guarantee you will feel better.

Good luck!

You’re badass, you’re a f%*king expert, and you got this.

Have any more tips on how to handle anxiety before a mastermind, live, or podcast? Let me know in the comments!

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