How to Make Time to Write While Working a Full-Time Job

A creativity-draining full-time job sucks. (There, I said it.)

You look forward to coming home so that you can get some writing in, but once you make time to write, your brilliant ideas are gone.

How is anything supposed to get done?!

Let’s face it. Being a writer isn’t easy. It’s normal to feel like your work is getting nowhere.

I went from being a full-time bank teller to a full-time copywriter and blogger in just six months. And you know what? I believe you deserve to do what you love for a living, too.

So whether you want to work from home as a writer, blogger, or get that novel done–this post is for you! Let’s make time to write!

make time to write

Create a writing space

You have a designated space for almost everything you do. A bed for sleeping, a kitchen table for eating, and a toilet for… well, you get the point.

So why wouldn’t you have a designated space for writing? Your brain will recognize this space the way it does the others, and it will know the time spent here is for writing.

Make sure your writing space inspires you. Here are a few tips:

  • Put up your favorite motivational quotes
  • Hang up pictures of your loved ones
  • Get cool office supplies
  • Organize! I would recommend getting a small filing cabinet, I found one on Facebook Marketplace for $20!
  • Always clean up your space (clutter will make you want to work somewhere else)
  • Let sunlight in
  • Have a nice cup of coffee or tea at your side at all times… along with some water

Write in a journal

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “write every day”. It’s great advice. If you want to get better at something, you need to practice it every day.

You may be too exhausted to work on your novel or blog post (it takes brain-work to do that, and you’ve had a long day). However, it won’t require much of your energy to write a journal entry! 

In fact, that’s therapy.

Think of your journal as your therapist. You know when you come home after a long day, and you have so many things to let out that you’ve been holding in? Your journal wants to hear it.

Therapy + writing = productivity! The ultimate self-care.

Who knows, you might even get some ideas.

Make time to write a priority

make time to write

What stops you from writing? It can be plans, chores, family, errands, your job, social media, or just plain laziness.

Make it a point to identify what’s stopping you, and learn to say no to the things that don’t need to get done immediately. If writing is important to you, it should be one of the top things on your to-do list the same way homework would be.

Pretend as if your writing is for school. Assign yourself projects or the number of words you want to get down by a certain time. Make sure you meet your deadlines.

Remember, it will only work if you take it seriously.

Wake up early

You can join the awesome and supportive community known as the 5 AM Writer’s Club. It can be challenging if you’re not a morning person, but rewarding if you stick to it.

If that’s too early, try to wake up early enough so you can make time to write for at least an hour. This will do you wonders since the brain is most productive in the morning.

Key Takeaways

  1. Create a writing space- A writing space will help motivate your brain to write.
  2. Write in a journal- This is a productive and therapeutic way to practice your writing.
  3. Make your writing time a priority- Learn to say no to things that don’t need to get done immediately. Act as if your writing is for school, and take it seriously.
  4. Wake up early- Start your days earlier and write when your brain is most productive.

Did you find this post helpful? If so, please share it with others! And if you have any tips as well, please let me know in the comments. 🙂


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