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The One Thing You Need to Stand Out as a Creative Entrepreneur

It’s hard out here for a creative entrepreneur.

When you started your business, you probably found out right away that someone was doing what you wanted already. Maybe they were the ones who inspired your idea. Or maybe you kind of had an idea, and then you saw what they were doing and thought, “Yes! That’s what I want to do!”

…Then you end up feeling uninspired and overwhelmed because you don’t want to be a copycat.

I feel ya.

But here’s the deal: More people than ever today are starting to realize that they can create a business from their hobby.

It turns out we were right all along: There is more to life than working a job you hate and paying bills until you die.

If you have a creative business, but you’re scared of copying others in your field, then you’re in the right place. In this post, I’m sharing exactly how to stand out from the crowd!

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creative entrepreneur

The secret to standing out in an over-crowded industry

There are gazillions of bloggers, business coaches, photographers, and artists these days. People even make money cosplaying (dream job). And you know what? Good for them.

But how can you stand out when so many others are doing the same thing?

It’s simple…

By being you.

So how do you do that? By sharing…

Your personality, your stories, and your beliefs. Whether or not you like pineapple on pizza. How you put Halloween decorations up on September 1st, and cry as you take them down on November 1st.

Your sleeping position. (Mine? Diagonally across the bed, arms and legs pointing in crazy directions either on top of my boyfriend or knocking a dog off, a twisted torso, hanging off the edge. Yes, I DO sleep like Sailor Moon.)

sailor moon

All the specific things that make you you are going to set you apart from everyone else. The more specific you get, the better. It’ll attract your people, scare off the wrong ones, and build a magic-carpet-riding-whole-new-world type of trust that your ideal client won’t be able to resist.

No one else is you, and that’s what makes you stand out.

Put your fear and insecurities behind you

I get it. Showing your true self is scary. Especially when you’re just starting out. Imposter syndrome gets the best of us.

As a creative entrepreneur, becoming comfortable and grounded with who you are is part of the journey.

Pretending to be something you’re not will only attract the wrong people. (AKA, clients that you won’t enjoy working with.)

When you let your personality shine, there will be people that’ll look forward to every newsletter, social media post, and life update that you share. And there will be people who roll their eyes. Not everyone is going to like you and that’s totally normal.

Keep being you for the people who care and get value from it. They’re your supporters so do it for them and don’t hold back!

Embracing your personality as a creative entrepreneur

Ok, so we get that personality is what makes or breaks a business. But where can you include it and how?

Include it everywhere!

  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Instagram stories
  • Newsletters
  • Email sequences
  • Product descriptions
  • Digital courses
  • Facebook lives
  • Your website
  • Sales pages

How to include it

Write and talk exactly how you talk. Don’t try to sound overly formal or use business jargon. That’s going to put your clients/customers to sleep. Pretend you’re writing or talking to your best friend instead.

Use catchphrases that you always use. Talk about what you love. Repeat them. (I’m constantly talking about my love for animals and Sailor Moon. These are the things that make me me!)

creative entrepreneur

Maybe you love wine, yoga, or your pet duck. Use what you want to be known for and keep using it.

If you find this overwhelming, consider hiring a copywriter.

The benefits of including your personality in your biz

Still not convinced you should add personality to your business? Here are the benefits I listed and more:

  • Standing out in your industry
  • Attracting your ideal client
  • Scaring off incompatible clients and saving time
  • Turning your customers/clients/audience into fans
  • Building connection and trust
  • Making your business more fun and enjoyable
  • Running a business and getting paid to be you (my favorite)

Now you.

What do you do as a creative entrepreneur and what do you want to be known for? Tell me in the comments!

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