What’s a Welcome Email Sequence and How Can it Help Your Business?

When used right, email marketing is one of the most powerful tools you can use to grow your business.

So how can you set a good first impression when someone subscribes to your newsletter?

That’s what a welcome email sequence is for!

In this blog post, I’ll be explaining what a welcome sequence is, how it can help your business, and a few things you can include when writing one. And just in case you need a lil’ more support, I’ll also be sharing a welcome sequence email template I created that can help you write your own! Let’s get to it.

What is a welcome email sequence?

What is a welcome email sequence?

A welcome email sequence is a series of emails that you automate to send to new subscribers when they sign up for your newsletter. Its purpose is to welcome new subscribers and help them get to know you and your business.

Sometimes people choose to do a welcome email instead of a welcome sequence, meaning they write everything in one email instead of in a series of emails. If you’re not sure which you want to do, just know there’s no one right way to do it. You can do whichever feels best for you!

How can a welcome sequence help your business?

A welcome sequence helps your new subscribers get to know you, your business, what you stand for, and most importantly, what you sell.

If you don’t send emails to your list often, it can help because right away, it tells your subscribers who you are–making it less likely they’ll forget you. For example: Someone might sign up for your newsletter when you’re on vacation. If you don’t have a welcome sequence, and don’t write an email until a couple of weeks after they sign up, they might unsubscribe because they don’t remember who you are or why they signed up for your emails.

A welcome sequence can also help you grow your email list in the best way possible by keeping the people who love you for you and repelling people who don’t. For example, I don’t want anyone on my list who gets offended by a cuss word (depending on the cuss word, of course) because I cuss sometimes!

People are also most likely to buy from you when they’re first getting to know you and are excited about how you can help them. That’s why welcome sequences are a great place to talk about your products and services! They can help make you some sales or make people aware of your offers–which may lead to sales in the future.

What should you include in a welcome sequence?

First things first, there isn’t one right way to write a welcome sequence. I’ve read a lot of welcome sequences, and while some of them might be similar, they’re all different. It really just depends on you and your business.

But if you’re not sure what to include in your welcome sequence, here are some ideas:

  • A freebie/lead magnet that subscribers get as soon as they sign up for your list
  • Fun facts about you
  • Why you started your business
  • Your mission
  • Links to your social media accounts, website, blogs, podcast, etc
  • What subscribers can expect from your newsletter (How often do you send emails and is there a certain day you send them? Do you sell sometimes?)
  • Free value (I love linking to content that answers one or more questions that your subscribers might have)
  • Your products and services!

Ethical AF Welcome Sequence Email Template

If you need support writing a welcome sequence, then check out my Ethical AF Welcome Sequence Email Template!

Not only will it help you introduce yourself, your business, and your offers–but it’ll also help you do it in an ethical way. I’m an ethical copywriter who doesn’t use pain points or manipulative tactics in my marketing, and it’s my goal to make a difference in the way the online business world works. If that’s something that’s important to you too, then click here to check out the template. 🙂

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