how to help the people and animals in Gaza

How to Help the People + Animals in Gaza

Its been a month. A whole month of watching children and babies getting pulled out of rubble. A whole month of watching homes, hospitals, and schools being bombed mercilessly. I’ve seen birds with broken wings. I’ve seen fathers and husbands digging through rubble with their bare hands, searching for their families—only to find nothing.

I’ve witnessed creatives, artists, and content creators like you and me risk their lives to show us everything happening in Gaza. A lot of these creators are in their early twenties. They are still kids, and yet, I look up to them. They’ve changed my whole perspective. They’ve changed me. They are my heroes, and to be honest, they are the real influencers.

For a whole month, I’ve been watching a genocide in real-time through the screen of my phone. I’m pissed off, depressed, and sick to my stomach. I’ve cried every day, begging for it to stop. And I’ve used that rage to take the time to listen to Palestinians and do my research. I’ve asked myself how I can help more.

In the past, I’ve talked a lot about using business for good. I won’t lie, I’m still learning how to do this myself. But it’s something that I hope I can get better at.

I’m good at putting resources together, and I have a platform, so I found this is one way I can do my part.

So, in this blog post, I’m sharing some of the best resources I’ve gathered in the past month to help the people and animals in Gaza. I ask that you join me in taking action—in demanding a ceasefire. Don’t we, as creatives and entrepreneurs, owe it to the creatives and entrepreneurs who are out there risking their lives?

Call this number every day to demand a ceasefire

(202) 224-3121

call script
Photo: @ziembavision on Instagram

Email the president + congress

Click the links below, fill out the form, and an email will automatically be sent to the president and congress. It only takes a few seconds!

Email the president

Email congress

Boycott these brands

Check out the BDS Movement to stay updated on which brands to boycott. There have been a lot of posts circling around on social media on what to boycott, but following the BDS Movement helps us boycott the MOST complicit brands. Focusing on these companies and products will help us create the biggest impact. Below is the updated list as of November 5th, 2023.

Photo: BDS Movement website

Bonus: Tag these brands on social media and tell them WHY you’ve decided to boycott them.

Again, stay updated on which brands to boycott at:

Follow these accounts to stay updated on what’s happening in Gaza






















Share on social media

We’ve all been fed lies our whole lives, but now we have social media. And that scares the people in power. Spread awareness. Educate others. Help people unlearn all the bullsh*t they’ve been taught. Let Palestinians know they are not alone by engaging with and sharing their posts.


Help animals in Gaza

There is only ONE animal shelter in Gaza: Sulala Animal Rescue.

Any other accounts claiming to be a shelter in Gaza asking for donations are lying. With that said, Animals Australia is the only other place collecting donations for Sulala Animal Rescue.

At the moment, the best way to help Sulala Animal Rescue is by donating so that they continue to feed the animals in Gaza.

Follow them on Instagram: @sulalaanimalrescue @animalsaustralia

Donate to:

Bonus: Put pressure on animal rights organizations such as PETA to join in calling for a ceasefire. I’ve been doing this by tagging PETA in Sulala Animal Rescue’s Instagram posts.

Watch Snapchat Maps

One of the best ways to combat misinformation is by watching what’s happening in Gaza and Israel in real-time through Snapchat Maps.


Find a local protest here:

How to help the people and animals in Gaza

We all have something we’re good at, and we all can play a part in making a difference.

If you still want to find more ways to help, I leave you with these questions: What are you good at? And how can you use it to fight for love and justice?

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